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Igor Ješe
B.Magovca 30
10000 Zagreb

About Igor Ješe, the Author of MockupScreens

Igor Ješe works in software development since early 1990s, with emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is a certified Software Requirements Expert and Project Management Professional, and also the author of Mockup Screens - a popular tool for quick GUI prototyping.


Quickly Create Screen Mockups With MockupScreens

With MockupScreens sketch screen mockups of your application and experiment interactively with your clients:
  • Make effective presentations!
  • Bridge the gap between clients and developers!
  • Clearly understand your users' needs!
  • Build on user feedback!
  • Clarify requirements and avoid rework!

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Read what MockupScreens users say:

"Instant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting." - Laura Arlov, author of  "GUI Design for Dummies"

"Your product provides the perfect tool for getting the idea across without giving the impression that the project is already done!" - Brenner Klenzman, President, WilloWare Inc.

"MockupScreens helped me do a better job at helping my customer understand what they're going to get." - Sean Winstead, Director, Surehand Inc.

"MockupScreens allows our programmers to turn my ideas into project code quickly." - J.D.Young, President, Digital Retail Solutions

"I have been looking for something like this for a long time!" - Eileen S. Haag, e-Learning Applications Group Manager