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Mockups Will Help Your Customers Understand What They Are Going to Get

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Introduction: Help Your Customers Understand What They Are Going to Get

Use mockups to minimize misunderstandings and avoid new requirements popping up in the middle of the project.

Chapter 1: The Basic Mockup Routine

Just using the mockups is, by itself, no guarantee of success. Mockups are just a communication device, so how you actually use your mockups to communicate is what’s important.

Chapter 2: Make It Obvious That Mockups Are Not the Real Thing

At the beginning of a project, make it clear your mockups are just that - work in progress. What follows are clear examples of what can easily happen otherwise, and a simple remedy.

Chapter 3: Provoking the Right Feedback

You sketch some screens and show them to your customer, but many times you will not be getting the precise feedback that you need. Here is what to do.

Chapter 4: Discussing the Mockups Effectively

How to present your mockups to the customer, test your own understanding, escape non-productive discussions and make your customers care.

Chapter 5: Mocking-Up the Outputs

While simple sketches are useful for the early stages, it’s different for the visible results that your customer is paying for. Mock outputs need to be detailed, and your data realistic.

Chapter 6: Mockups As a Spec

How to compile all the information by using diverge-converge method. Or when in a crisis, how to get results in shortest time possible.

Chapter 7: Real World Case Studies

You have to use mockups in a way that is meaningful for the circumstances. Read the analysis of two real-life projects, what were the challenges and their respective responses, and what the results were.

Chapter 8: A Cautionary Tale

Here is a different type of a case study, a quite ineffective way to use mockups on a real life project. Anti-patterns are identified, listed and explained.

Chapter 9: Choosing the Right Mockup Tool

What makes and effective mockup tool, with checklists and answers to frequently asked questions. Overview of available tools, their categories and several recommendations for each.

Take-Aways by Chapter

Many readers have reported the take-aways useful by themselves, and asked for them in one place, easily printable if possible. Here they are, chapter by chapter.


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What Readers Are Saying

A short book that distills the essence of why and when mockups should be used.

Lessons learned in the real world to help you use mockups in your career.

Best practices, easy to follow and to apply.

Simple, easy to follow suggestions that just make good sense.

Great simple straightforward approach to using mockups.

The concepts are well thought-out and the examples are equally wonderful.

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Igor Ješe

Igor Ješe has been working in software development since the early 1990s, with an emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is a certified Software Requirements Expert and a Project Management Professional.

Igor is also the author of MockupScreens, a commercial mockup tool making life easier for business analysts since 2005. You can check it here:

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