Added Progress Bar Widget: MockupScreens 4.82
March 12, 2014

MockupScreens 4.82 is now available, including new Progress Bar widget:

Progress Bar widget

You can download MockupScreens 4.82 from MockupScreens main website.

Full list of improvements and fixes is below.



New in MockupScreens 4.82:

  • Progress Bar widget


  • Option to turn off navigating screens in Slideshow via left/right mouse-click
  • All options from Advanced tab for Master are now either inherited or editable
  • When group is selected, new screen is placed in that group


  • Adding new subgroup on Masters tree now works correctly
  • Deselecting a row in a Table was terribly non-intuitive
  • Undo was not working properly after transforming a widget to another
  • Copying screens to clipboard was not preserving images (ie. when copying a screen from one project to another)
  • Widgets can’t get positioned outside of canvas
  • Line widget orientation was changing when changing geometry via “Change Multiple Widgets” dialog
  • Transform tool was not carrying the text from Link to Text/Radio widgets
  • Select all was not working from menu after just placing a widget
  • Mac: Copy/paste text between MockupScreens and other programs didn’t work
  • Splash page is displayed until MockupScreens has fully initalized itself
  • Table widget sometimes haven’t updated the property field after editing
  • HTML export had problems with links because of Tab widget incorrectly interpreting them