Mock-Ups, New Updates
June 14, 2009

New version is just around a corner, but first I need your help. I’m creating a short MockupScreens video and at the end I plan to show some mock-ups from real users. If you want to help me out and care to share some of your mock-ups please drop me a line. It might even lead to a whole new section on the website with user mock-ups only.

Thanks to flood of great feedback coming in after v4 release, it’s pretty clear what features big or small are needed most urgently. Version 4.1 is approaching final testing and at the moment includes the following:

  • Undo command undoes words you typed in text fields, and not individual characters which was annoying
  • When turned on, the grid is shown over the whole mock-up
  • Buttons and table headers allow multi-line text captions
  • Text element does word-wrapping now
  • You can change the form’s background color
  • Table editor has undo/redo capability now
  • Elements are mouse-dragged from the left toolbar (which is more standard then point and click as was up to now)
  • Line is resized or manipulated by it’s ends and not by the handles on “bounding box” around it. And you can change line’s color.
  • Align commands are put on the top toolbar: just select multiple elements and align them relative to each other (left, right, center, top, middle, bottom)

Also there are numerous tiny improvements. Now comes another batch of improvements of similar type to those mentioned above and then it’s all clear to go for more demanding things like master screens and such. Keep tuned!