MockupScreens 4.40
April 23, 2012

MockupScreens 4.40 is ready and is available on main MockupScreens web-site. Get both Mac and Windows version here. This release brings several new features, many improvements and many fixes. Complete list is below.

Existing users, note that you are eligible for 60% discount if you need to renew the license. Just check your inbox for reminders you got from me, or contact me directly.

And new users get 20% discount simply by following me on Twitter and checking my twits for coupon code. I’ll post it there several times today and tomorrow. Coupon code will stay valid till end of the week.

Enjoy :-)

New features and improvements

  • Toolbar item to switch on/off comments both in designer and slideshow views.
  • Filter input in the tree screen which allows to filter by screen name.
  • Panels with scrollbars can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically using the mouse wheel/trackpad. When both scrollbars are enabled, horizontal scrolling can be done pressing the shift key while using the mouse wheel/trackpad.
  • Labels (‘Text’ widget) now have transparent background as default.
  • Form now has an option (accessed on Advanced property panel) not to be shown, ie. only widgets will be displayed, without the main window.
  • Background color (on Advanced property panel) for Field, Dropdown, List and Text widgets.
  • Vertical alignment (on Advanced property panel) for Fields and Text Widgets.
  • Option to choose between horizontal and vertical layout in Radio widgets.
  • You can set default form size in Options, under Editor tab.
  • Usability improvements to widgets’ property fields appearance.
  • Added command to reset zoom level to default (choose ‘Reset editor zoom’ on View main application menu).
  • Mac: Installer and binaries are now smaller.
  • Windows: Default menu item is now MockupScreens 4 regardless the minor version number.
  • Windows: Installer will try to uninstall previous version before upgrading MockupScreens.
  • Improved startup time.
  • Minor improvements to comments appearance.
  • Moved Transform and Change Multiple Widgets menu items to Edit menu
  • Added a Change Multiple Widgets contextual (right-click) menu entry.
  • Improved new columns naming in tables: now new columns are always named with capital letter.
  • Items in ‘Select Screen to Jump to’ dialog now can be selected by double clicking them.
  • Updated Image widget placeholder


  • Focus borders now work properly during scrolling.
  • The application window sometimes could not be restored after closing the application in minimized state.
  • The application could crash when using project files from a network drive in rare circumstances.
  • The application couldn’t start if it couldn’t load a specific font.
  • Some links didn’t work in the slideshow view.
  • After opening a read only project, the application stayed in read only mode for newly created projects.
  • File overwrite dialog popping up twice.
  • Selecting widgets while zoom is on now works properly (although a little bit slower than when zoom is default ie. without zoom)
  • Installer now registers properly MockupScreens as an installed program in Windows.
  • Mac: Properties panel’s vertical scrollbar was not shown.
  • Mac: Main application window was losing focus after startup.
  • Windows: Uninstaller now removes icons in desktop and in the Start menu.
  • Fixed menu bar borders and window name location in Windows 7 skin.
  • Save dialog was shown once again when canceled.
  • Several scrollbar issues fixed.
  • Widgets panel width could not be increased after reducing it.
  • When deleting a column in a table, the column names after it were reset.
  • Removed an invalid item in ‘Select Screen to Jump to’ dialog.
  • When copying and pasting a Text widget, some widget options could not be properly copied.
  • Window title in Mac OS X skin was not properly horizontally aligned.