MockupScreens 4.70: Export to MS Word
June 4, 2013

As one user recently emailed me, “MockupScreens is very useful in communicating ideas across a distance divide”.

What was lacking in MockupScreens was the ability to export your mockups to a Word document, and then continue developing your document further.

With MockupScreens 4.70, you can do just that…

Export to Word in MockupScreens 4.70

What you already could do with MockupScreens is to print your mockups for a meeting. Or send them to your customer in PDF format. But the problem was that you couldn’t customize the report or edit the PDF document. And copying images to a Word document by hand feels cumbersome.

Well, MockupScreens 4.70 with new export to MS Word (in RTF format) feature is now live!  Download it from the main MockupScreens website.

Note: to upgrade from previous version simply download the latest trial and unlock it with your existing license key.

(Complete list of improvements & fixes follows below)



  • Export to MS Word (RTF).


  • An image widget will be created when copying and pasting an image file or image data into a form.
  • Windows installer supports per-user and site-wide installs.
  • When overwriting a file during PDF or RTF export, user is asked for confirmation.
  • Several screens trees usability improvements. Added a “New Master” button.
  • Increased the height of widgets’ multiline properties inputs.
  • Moved the import and export menu items to the file menu).
  • Added “Select All” option to the context menu and the edit menu.
  • When exporting to PDF or RTF, a sensible output filename is suggested based on what is being exported (project, scenario or screen).
  • Added node tooltips to the screen tree saying which master screen is applied.
  • Improved the scaling of images when exporting to PDF. Exported images uses now 96DPI resolution.
  • Some Minor Print/Export dialog improvements.


  • Now derived screens form dimensions are not overridden by the master ones in the exported documents.
  • Widget groups from master screens now can’t be moved.
  • Windows uninstaller now deletes shortcuts properly.
  • Resize and align tools ignore selected widgets from master screens.
  • Fixed several minor undo feature issues.
  • The cut, copy and paste operations in the main menu take into account the master screens control, and so the keyboard shortcuts there work correctly.
  • Fixed pasting to a screen tree with no screen selected.
  • In screens tree groups are no longer allowed to be dragged inside themselves or their descendant groups.
  • Several minor stability and performance improvements.