Visualize Your GUI Design as Wireframe Mockups!
September 22, 2006

Mockup Screens today announces the release of Mockup Screens 3.05. This simple GUI prototyping tool enables rapid creation of wireframe mockups an application or site interface before writing code. The end result is a set of detailed screens that may be organized into scenarios. It can be shown to a customer, who can see the proposed design and provide feedback on what the final output must look like. Screen mockups are also great for programmers because they help them plan their design cycle better. Mockup Screens can export screens or scenarios to images (JPEG or GIF) and HTML.

Creating a GUI mockup in Mockup Screens is a no-brainer. You will do it in a simple drag-and-drop environment, using a large selection of templates and interface elements. In doing this, you do not need any prior programming or CAD experience. Simply select the element, drop it to the design area and do some formatting – resize or transform an element. Mockup Screens gives you a rich choice of screen elements to create a GUI prototype of any complexity. This includes buttons, fields, dropdowns, text, multiline text, floating text, checkboxes, scrollbars, and these are just a few to name! Each element can be added texts or data. Some areas on the mockup can be marked out by colored arrowheads, smileys, numbers, questions or exclamation marks. At any point of prototyping, you can view a mockup scenario as a slideshow to see how your changes affect its look.

Improved Flexibility and Efficiency

Mockup Screens 3.05 also includes several new features and enhancements to help users quickly sketch GUI mockups. Key new features include:

  • Undo/Redo Functionality – Now you can undo changes to a model simply by clicking on the appropriate button. This adds flexibility to the prototyping process.
  • Remember Options, Directories from Last Session – Thanks to this feature, the program becomes more user-centered. There will be fewer needless clicks.
  • “V.Scrollbar” and “Web Toolbar” – You can now make use of these two options and add a scrollbar or a web toolbar to any element on the screen with only one click.
  • Group Multiple Elements – The new version allows you to group several elements of a screen and move or copy them all together at once.
  • Basic navigation – Screens can be added marks that serve as links to other screens. In the slideshow mode or HTML, a click on such a mark takes you to another screen.
  • Right-click Menu in Screen Editor – Now some commands can be executed through the right-click menu available in the screen editor. This includes such commands as “Copy,” “Paste,” “Delete,” “Order,” “Transform to,” “V.Scrollbar On/Off,” etc.

Follow the link below to find an up-to-date list of new features in version 3.05