Search-Replace Feature and Faster Performance: MockupScreens 4.81
February 19, 2014

Sometimes you want to rename something on your mockups, and that small change needs to be propagated to dozens of other screens.

With MockupScreens 4.81 you can Search / Replace any text on all screens at once:

  • You can search widgets or comments (or both)
  • Screens are automatically filtered and the phrase is highlighted
  • When you are sure, click “Replace All” button

You can download MockupScreens 4.81 from the main website.

(Complete list of improvements and fixes is below.)


search-replace dialog in MockupScreens

New in MockupScreens 4.81:

  • Search/Replace in both widgets and comments.


  • Much better performance when typing text in complex screens.
  • Moderately better performance when selecting widgets on complex screens.
  • Registered users can change license key from new “Renew license” window, instead of going to “Buy the full version” window which was confusing.
  • New images are inserted with their original size and aspect ratio.
  • Images have new option “Restore original size” on “Geometry” panel.
  • When adding a new widget, mouse pointer positions at the widget’s right-bottom corner, which is much more practical for resizing etc.


  • Background color for dialogs no longer incorrectly gets into the corners.
  • Occasionally dropdowns (e.g. skin chooser) stopped working temporarily.
  • On Mac, “Show tips” popup was not displayed when launching.
  • Captionless Dialogs had fain “ghost” lines in BW and MSIE skins