Printing Mockups In Full-Screen: MockupScreens 4.92
September 9, 2015

When you need to discuss your mockups over hard-copy handouts (e.g. in a workshop with no access to a projector), then the default export from MockupScreens might not be ideal. On-screen texts might be too small to read properly, which is a pain.

New option in MockupScreens 4.92 brings is to print your mockups in full-page. Screens will be printed as big as possible but no bigger than the original, and even  rotated to landscape when needed:

Mockups Printed in Full-Page Mode

To download new MockupScreens 4.92, go to the main MockupScreens website and proceed to download page. Existing users: download the trial version and unlock it with your license key.

New in MockupScreens 4.92:

  • Printing mockups in full-page.


  • Portable version contains it’s own temp folder now.
  • All in-program links now point to the new website.


  • After long session with really big project, MockupScreens could slow or even crash. This is greatly remedied now, but still not completely fixed.
  • Consecutive space characters were not preserved in exports.
  • If computer crashed during the autosave, index.json file could get corrupted, preventing MockupScreens from starting.