Win8 Skin and Many Small Improvements
October 29, 2013

MockupScreens 4.73 is available from the main website.

The main addition is new Windows 8 skin. And there is myriad of small improvements – the full list is below.


Windows 8 skin in MockupScreens

Complete list of changes included in 4.73 follows.


  • Windows 8 skin.


  • Change multiple widgets dialog now uses the same font size control as the toolbar.
  • Form maximum size increased from 1600*1600px to 7680*4320px
  • Image widget property editor layout updated.
  • Loading an incompatible version project now shows a dialog asking to upgrade to a newer version.
  • Font properties now can be set for compound widgets.
  • Custom colors in all color selectors are remembered for the current session.
  • Windows installer and uninstaller checks if a MockupScreens process is running in order to avoid corrupted installs.
  • Better attribute value management for masters Forms:
    – All master form attributes get copied when you apply or create a screen from master.
    – If a master form changes, changes propagate to the dependent screens.
    – If you make changes to a form on a dependent screen, these changes persist (ie. they don’t get overridden when master form changes propagate).
  • Screens tree new items are now placed regarding the current selection.
  • When adding a new screen or master screen, the relevant screen tree control scrolls to it.
  • Scrolling is now possible while reordering items in the screens tree. In windows the panel will scroll if you drag an item near the top or the bottom. In MacOS you can use the mouse/trackpad scroll function while dragging the item.
  • If “Show Marks” editor option is disabled, and an user tries to ad a mark, a warning dialog is shown.
  • The about dialog shows the registration status, and the registration dialog confirms registration when a valid serial is entered.
  • Improved the layout of the master screens screens tree contextual menu.
  • Multiple selected widgets now can be resized at the same time.
  • A master screen now can be selected with a double click in the master screen selection dialog.
  • Thumbnails rendering is now much faster when quickly changing skins.
  • When adding a new item into a group, the group is now expanded.
  • The state (expanded/collapsed) of the screens trees groups is now stored in the project files.
  • Renamed View->Display Comments menu item to View->Toggle Comment Visibility
  • System information is written to a separate file so it wouldn’t get overwritten by the rotating log file handler.


  • The dialog asking to show marks if these are disabled and the user tries to add one, is now shown just one time for each mark.
  • Now it’s not possible to select a widget by clicking on the comment position when show comments option is disabled.
  • Master groups are no longer added to the main screens tree when imported a project.
  • Unicode and special characters are better handled in exported documents.
  • Toolbar font options are now disabled for widgets which does not support them.
  • Font selector “Default” item now works as expected.
  • Fixed some issues with very large font sizes.
  • The application could crash when printing if the spooler service was not started.
  • Undoing a new screen operation now does keep showing that screens if there aren’t other screens in the project.
  • The fit to text button in the geometry properties tab is only enabled if the selected widget uses text.
  • A widget’s position sometimes changed during a resize operation.