Free Licenses Program: Who is Eligible?
November 16, 2012

I’m starting a free-license program, for people that deserve it.

Some people push the boundaries of our own profession. They selflessly seek for knowledge and share it. Thus making life easier for all of us.

Other people selflessly help others, sometimes barely having the means to do their work. Non-profits, do-gooders, you know what I mean.

If you fit under one or the other of above categories, just contact me. For yourself, to get free licenses. Or for your organization, to start such program for all of your colleagues or members!


It should be pretty obvious I’m an IT guy, so I have started by contacting the people I know.

First group that gets free licenses for ALL it’s members is Microsoft MVPs or Most Valuable Professionals. They have been nominated by their peers (and selected by Microsoft though), based on their contribution and impact on the IT community.

If you are one, just e-mail me and provide your MVP profile. And tell whether you need the license for MockupScreens or MockupData or both.