Feedback Can Really Make Your Day
March 28, 2013

I just wanted to share some of my today e-mail with you, verbatim.

I’m polishing new “master screens” feature for weeks now. (It works similar to master slides in PowerPoint). Creating something new is always rewarding. But the final polish can get pretty tedious. At such times it’s good to hear from people that MockupScreens really helps them to get the job done.

First e-mail is from Arvin, who asked whether the same license covers both his work and home computer (it does):

“Hi Igor,

Thank you Sir !  I am buying the license and this is the best tool I ever used after trying various other products in Market from last few years . Thanks for clarifying the issue, as I move around with a laptop when I travel and use desktop at home.So, it was important for me to use this fantastic tool on both.

Appreciate this very much! ”

And this one is from Joel:

“Dear Igor,

MockScreens is far beyond the similar product, I have tested several, MockupScreens is straight forward. One needs the help file to get the details only, but the concept is immediately after installation. Keep on the best work…”