MockupScreens 4.88: Whole-Screen Editor and New Online Help
December 16, 2014

While working on your wireframes, a bigger editor area is often a great convenience.

With MockupScreens 4.88 you can hide all panels to show your mockup over most of the screen:

Toggle editor panels

To hide or show each panel, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • For widget toolbar, use Ctrl+1 (on Mac, Cmd+1).
  • For screen tree, use Ctrl+2 (on Mac, Cmd+2).
  • For property panel and comments panel, use Ctrl +3 (on Mac, Cmd+3).

Shortcuts to toggle editor panels

You can download MockupScreens 4.88 from the main website.

Complete list of changes and improvements


  • Hide or show editor panels: Widgets toolbar (Ctrl/Cmd+1), Screens tree (Ctrl/Cmd+2), Property panel (Ctrl/Cmd+3).
  • New online help (instead of offline, which was quite dated).


  • Editing multiple widgets is now done via property panel (instead of separate dialog).
  • Tab widget has larger initial size.
  • Frame widget has larger initial size.
  • Tree widget has larger initial size.
  • Icon chooser remembers selected icon set and category.


  • In settings,”Display Icons and Badges” is now “Display Badges” and affects Badges only.
  • Deselecting a widget (from multiple selection) by clicking while holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key.
  • Incorrect font size during widget creation (before a widget was actually placed on canvas).
  • Form’s web toolbar was incorrect in Mac OSX skin.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for font formatting: bold (Ctrl/Cmd+B), italic (Ctrl/Cmd+I), underline (Ctrl/Cmd+U).
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for text alignment: left (Ctrl/Cmd+L), right (Ctrl/Cmd+R), center (Ctrl/Cmd+E).
  • When annotated widget was clicked, its number indicator was displayed behind the selection indicator.
  • In editor, when changing active screens by PageUp / PageDown, Screen tree was not updated accordingly.
  • When a group is selected and has focus: Comments panel and Property panel are disabled.
  • Dropdown caption alignment wasn’t calculated correctly (caption text was overlapping with the dropdown arrow).
  • Incorrect behavior when adding widgets and changing the widget to add.
  • Comments get blank after replace command (only in certain situations).
  • Selected widget can be deleted by Backspace key (again).