MockupScreens 4.71 – Printing to Landscape AND Clear Images
July 13, 2013

Sometimes you have to send the hardcopy of your mockups to your project’s management board. Or you simply need to discuss the screens using the old fashioned printouts.

In those situations it’s important for your mockups to be as “big and clear” as they can be. Which usually means printing them in landscape orientation, to get the needed space for your GUI to present itself in the best light possible.

MockupScreens 4.71 brings two things to help you with that: 1) printing to landscape directly and 2) much cleaner images than before.

You can download MockupScreens 4.71 right away from the main web site!

PS. Scroll down below the screenshot to check the complete list of improvements and fixes…

Print to landscape



  • Printing in landscape orientation.
  • Better quality images in exports/printing


  • All skins use now black as default widget text color.
  • When printing, images are now horizontally centered.
  • Font size now can be entered manually. The control now uses a more standard list of predefined font size.
  • Comments now can be deleted via the comment “bubble” contextual menu.
  • Undo manager now tracks skin changes.
  • Simplified scenario export dialog.
  • Renamed “Jump to Screen” to “Link” in widget properties.
  • Improved slideshow toolbar layout.
  • The 30-day trial period is now restarted each time a newer version is installed.


  • Rounded corners where not drawn properly in forms.
  • Windows 7 Skin now uses an Internet Explorer 8 web toolbar.
  • In some rare circumstances images were not shown in the print preview.
  • Text widget’s size can now be reduced by direct manipulation beyond the automatic best size if word wrapping is enabled.
  • Properties panel select all shortcut didn’t selected it’s text.
  • On MacOS prevented the top windows from being raised over already open modal dialogs on application reopen.
  • Under some rare circumstances, Mark panel is displayed though Mark widget is no longer selected.
  • Comments marks where shown in in snapshots when the related option was toggled off.
  • The undo button become active after loading a project.
  • Comments were displayed in HTML/Print/PDF/RTF exported file though “Don’t Print Comments” option was selected for these formats.
  • Scenario export didn’t asked for overwrite confirmation.
  • Under some rare circumstances, the application crashed on exit.
  • The application crashed on start up if Tahoma font was not installed in the system.
  • Mac dmg now displays correct version.
  • Other minor fixes.