MockupScreens 4.74: Link Widget Added
November 19, 2013

MockupScreens 4.74 is live and you can download it on the main website.

Beside the usual batch of fixes/improvements it brings the Link widget. That’s at least several clicks less than before – per link – when mocking the screens of common today applications.


  • Link widget


  • Changed the font size of comments in exported documents from 14px to 11px.
  • Renamed the Edit->Toggle Comment Visibility menu item to Edit->Toggle Comments
  • Improved the naming of elements in the change multiple widgets dialog.
  • New groups are automatically selected and scrolled to in screen trees.
  • The font toolbar and the change multiple widget dialog now modify the sizes of both fonts in multiwidgets
  • Default value of compound widget label is “Label” instead of “Text”.


  • Thumbnails weren’t refreshed after applying or unlinking master screens.
  • Thumbnails weren’t refreshed after setting the Form background color until some user action.
  • The background color property editor value gets updated when a master screen is applied or unlinked.
  • The suggested title and file name is not longer cropper when exporting a project with dots in it’s name.
  • Under some specific circumstances, the selection operation didn’t worked properly after an undo operation.
  • Word wrap was incorrectly wrapping punctuation characters
  • Label.Dropdown appearance was broken when using an empty value for the dropdown.
  • Multiwidgets appearance was broken when using an empty caption.
  • Applying a master screen is now correctly undo-ed.
  • Thumbnails of affected regular screens are properly refreshed when a master screen is deleted.
  • Fixed how the line envelope is calculated. The perpendicular vector was incorrectly calculated, which caused selection issues in certain situations.