MockupScreens 4.60 Released – Change Many Screens Instantly with New Master Screens Feature
April 16, 2013

Since an hour ago, MockupScreens 4.60 with new master screens feature is live. Which is not a minute too soon, regarding all the effort needed for two live betas and final two months of polishing it after it was “completed” :)

And what can master screens do for you exactly?

When you create many similar screens, you can easily do some copy-paste-ing and do it quickly. But when you want to CHANGE some tiny little thing you get into a problem.

Now, with “master” screens it’s as simple as it gets!

Elements from the master are shown as part of all screens explicitely derived from them. And not only that, any change to master will automatically reflect on all it’s “children” screens. Think of a situation when you need to change a header on dozens or hundreds of web page mockups!

You can see all your “masters” in the bottom right part of MockupScreens window. Simply work with them like you do with “normal” screens. To derive screen from any “master” screen, either you create completely new screen “from master” or apply the master to the existing screen from the right-click menu.

Simple. Straight-forward. And that’s it.

Simply download MockupScreens 4.60 now and start using new master screens feature!

P.S. Existing users can simply download the trial version from above link and “unlock” it with their existing license key… Don’t forget that once you have purchased MockupScreens, you are eligible for FREE upgrades for full 12 months!


EDIT: Btw here is the list of other improvements:


  • Improved and simplified “Change Multiple Widgets” dialog.
  • Screens trees reordering visual improvements.
  • Pasted screens naming improvements in order to avoid duplicate names.
  • Added a “Fix to Text” contextual option for widgets.
  • Improved undo functionality for widgets font size changes.
  • The last used custom image folder is stored during a program run. If such a folder is not stored, double-clicking the image opens the gallery; otherwise it opens the custom image folder.
  • Images are now shown in screens thumbnails.
  • Improved the usability of widget’s resize handles.
  • Lot’s of minor usability improvements.


  • Updated send feedback url.
  • Fixed and improved color selectors.
  • Lot’s of minor stability and performance improvements.