Up and Running
December 20, 2008

Well folks, blog is up and running and we are all set. But I feel I must clear some things up for starters. People ask me why would I want to waste time on blogging and what would I write about anyway. First, I don’t see discussing topics of common interest with interesting and active people as a waste of time. And speaking on what would I write about, well, if I can spend endless hours discussing software requirements, software prototyping and MockupScreens itself over a few beers, I don’t see why wouldn’t I get in touch with more people that share my interests. And YOU are either one of those people or you are in the wrong place.

In fact, some of more interesting discussions I had on some issues was via long e-mail thread with MockupScreens user who decided to drop me a line. And of course regarding MockupScreens, discussing what features would be most beneficial for the next release with real-life users outside my colleague and face-to-face customer circle couldn’t hurt.

Oh, and another thing which made the blog possible. I gave my notice recently so I finally have more time to pursue things that I feel really matter.

So, I hope to see you here from time to time, don’t be shy to comment on things and if you feel something is not of interest to readers in general feel free to drop me a line!