MockupScreens 4.83: Layout options for labels
April 8, 2014

MockupScreens 4.83 is live. It’s something of a “service release”, bringing several small features while we are still preparing more complex improvements.

Most notably, there are now layout options for Radio  and “labeled” widgets’ labels:


To upgrade to MockupScreens 4.83, just download the trial version from the MockupScreens website and unlock it with your existing license key.

Improvements in 4.83:

  • Export to HTML now shows confirmation message when overwriting existing folder.
  • When group of widgets is dragged by mouse, their alignment regards the whole group and not individual widgets.
  • Radio buttons can be switched between horizontal and vertical layout.
  • Text wrapping for Radio buttons’ labels.
  • Radio buttons’ labels can be positioned either on the left or on the right of the radios.
  • Labels of compound ie. “Labeled” widgets can be positioned either on the left or above.
  • Tab captions have wider margins now.
  • Option for Slideshow to toggle Window titles on or off (accessible via Options panel).

Fixes in 4.83:

  • Several widgets had “lost” their borders with 4.82 depending on skins, which is corrected now.
  • “Revert to Saved” command was showing incorrect confirmation message.
  • Find was distorting text on screen in certain situations.
  • Searching for special characters could produce unexpected results.
  • Resizing or moving widgets weren’t always correctly accounted for when using Undo or Revert to Saved commands later.
  • On Mac, project wasn’t opening in browser automatically, after exporting to HTML.
  • Replace wasn’t always working for compound widgets (Table, Tree, labeled widgets).
  • On some circumstances, replacing text could break comment numbering.