MockupScreens 4.75: Calendar (Date-Picker)
December 18, 2013

Many users have requested Calendar (Date-picker) widget, so here it is! You can download MockupScreens 4.75 from the main website. Complete list of improvements is below.

Note that localization for non-English languages is coming soon.

Calendar widget

Here is the complete list of improvements for 4.75:


  • Calendar widget.


  • Compound widgets now can be resized vertically.
  • Comments are not copied when copying and pasting a screen.
  • Improved dynamic canvas resizing. Canvas size is not reduced while the mouse is being dragged, better usability during widget manipulation in those cases.
  • The label part of compound widgets and the field part of Label.Field now can be aligned vertically.
  • For screens, the Paste operation does not keep the original comments. Added a Paste With Comments contextual menu item with keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + V to keep these.
  • Added scrollbar options for Label.List widget.
  • Better compound widgets advanced properties panel layout.


  • The layout of compound widgets could be broken when changing the font size.
  • Fixed compound widgets fit-to-text behavior.
  • The canvas didn’t scroll when while moving a widget with the keyboard..
  • Comments of widgets in a group are correctly handled in screen snapshots and document exports.
  • The MacOS installer background image was not properly shown in MacOS 10.9.
  • In MacOS, the windows 8 tab borders were not properly drawn.
  • In the widgets’ caption input, the alternate name field now initially sets it’s cursor to the end. This fixes an issue with the tab key not working as expected in MacOS.
  • The last main toolbar font size selection propagated to the next selected widget.
  • Pasted widgets now use the grid size as the offset unit, this helps to keep relative positions of a pasted group of widgets intact when moving them, while snap to grid is enabled.
  • Pasting a standard screen or group into master screens didn’t work.
  • Under some circumstances, the last screens tree thumbnail was not shown entirely .
  • When copying a screen derived from a master, the master’s widgets were always placed over the standard screen ones.
  • The contextual menu key is now properly handled in screen trees.
  • Fixed “scroll to” behavior of pasted screens. The screen tree would sometimes jump to top after pasting.
  • Fixed pasting groups of screens. The screen names were not altered, and pasting a group when a master screen was selected didn’t work.