Web Skins for MockupScreens and More
December 10, 2012

Now that MockupData is live, people keep asking me what’s next with MockupScreens. Before I tire of giving the same replies over and again, I’ll disclose it here.┬áLuckily, that’s what this blog is for.

I have several major features ready: web skins, master screens, RTF export and custom widgets. I plan to test and release on of those per month. Beginning with web skins in a few days. It requires much polish though. So I can’t promise whether web skins and MockupScreens 4.50 will be live this week or the next.

Web skins are big improvement for mocking-up web applications. Three web skins will be available initially: mostly-grey corporate-like skin, slightly more colorful but still corporate skin, and one more lively but still “appropriate” for good measure.

Later on, we’ll see what kind of skins will be most asked for.