MockupData 1.10 released – New ‘E-mail’ Rule Added
February 26, 2013

After the initial MockupData release in November, I got tons of requests to add the ability to automatically generate e-mails.

It seemed easy at first glance, but proved pretty tricky to implement. Anyway, it’s finished now.

So as from few minutes ago, MockupData 1.10 is available for download. It brings the new “E-mail rule”, and you can generate huge quantities of realistic-looking e-mails just as easily as generating names or addresses.

Not only it generates e-mails, it does so from the name and company within the same record, if available. E.g. if the generated name is “John Smith” and the company is “MockupData”, then the e-mail address generated by default would be “”.

And if you want different behavior (e.g. your table have several names in it), you can of course specify exactly how the e-mail address should be generated…

In short, check MockupData 1.10. You can download it from the MockupData website: