MockupScreens 4.50: Creating Proper Web Mockups
December 19, 2012

Since an hour ago, new web skins are live!

When using mockups to uncover and discuss requirements for your new system, usually you start with black and white mockups. Until you are satisfied you got main requirements right. But when you progress to discuss the “real thing”, black and white “boxes” don’t feel right any more.

And if you switch to default HTML skin, that ugly black Times New Roman on plain white background wouldn’t do either.

So in past months I have finally done something about it. Now you can create proper web mockups with MockupScreens.

New MockupScreens 4.50 brings three proper web skins for your mockups: plain “corporate” web skin, a more colorful (but not too much) corporate web skin, and more informal yet business looking web skin.

All three skins come in two flavors: Microsoft Internet Explorer look and feel, and Safari look and feel. Skins are free for existing MockupScreens users. Skins are simply part of MockupScreens 4.50.

So simply download latest MockupScreens for either Windows or Mac and enjoy it!

Here is the same mockup in each of the three new skins… and the complete list of improvements and fixes is below the screenshot.

Three new skins



  • Added skin themes (Cupertino, Humanity, and Smoothness).
  • New themes selection dropdown.
  • Feedback forms can be accessed from inside the app (Help -> Give Feedback).


  • Improved screen canvas resizing.
  • Improved file save reliability for network and removable drives.
  • In MacOS now Arial is used as default font in order to avoid geometry issues when switching skins.
  • Installer improvements for users without administrator rights under windows.
  • Improved screens tree reordering.
  • Improved screens tree thumbnails rendering speed.
  • Background color now is applied in Safari forms.
  • Added an “Unregistered Version” clickable yellow line on top of canvas.
  • Feedback forms will be shown on app runs from time to time.


  • Fixed scrollbar buttons and tab transparency issues in MacOS and Safari skins.
  • Screen scrollbars where not drawn properly when changing from a screen that needs scrollbars for the canvas to a one that doesn’t.
  • Fixes some issues under heavy usage.
  • Fixed several miscellaneous aesthetic widgets issues in various skins.
  • Improved internal process communication, fixing some issues under heavy usage and making the app slightly faster.