MockupData is Live
November 8, 2012

MockupData is live. Technically. Which means it is live but most of the world still doesn’t know it :-) Below is the text I have sent to thousands of media outlets just yesterday.

Note: Current version is 1.03 RC (RC stands for release candidate), and “official” version will be available in few days. MockupData costs $99.95.


MockupData for Windows: Make Your Data Look Real

MockupData is a labor saving Windows app for software consultants, database developers, software testers and the like. The program can generate life like test data for software testing, which avoids costly and time-consuming hand entry.

MockupData is aimed for software consultants, database developers, database administrators, software testers, quality assurance professionals and the like, and is best described as an easy test data generator. Users of MockupData can generate huge quantities of data for testing purposes while creating realistic sample data for demonstrations of their software.

According to Igor Jese, the established author of the popular screen prototyping tool MockupScreens, “the data looks real: real looking names, addresses etc, which is paramount in both software testing and software demonstrations, and by using MockupData people avoid days or hours of tedious work of entering their test data by hand.” MockupData is designed to be lightning fast in generating data and easy to use. The learning curve is short and a new user can start using MockupData in minutes. Jese says, “There is no need for special training. MockupData has light footprint, it’s easy to install and very easy and intuitive to use. As a result of these performance enhancers, a user will be actually populating his/her tables within minutes from the moment they decide to download MockupData.”

Some uses of the application include performance testing and load testing new applications during quality control evaluations. A key advantage of using mock data is that fake-but-real-looking data avoids data protection and privacy issues. MockupData provides real-time data preview, so a tester does not need to go back and forth between the application and it’s results. A user can also generate massive amounts of data in a hurry: thousands of records without impacting live production data for populating test databases.

MockupData works on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000.

To learn more about MockupData please click on this link: