MockupScreens 4.89 – Distributing Widgets Evenly and Indicating Item Selection in Dropdowns, Lists and Trees
February 24, 2015

MockupScreens 4.89 is live, bringing numerous bug fixes, commands to distribute widgets evenly and # suffix nows indicates selected item in widgets with lists. You can download new version from the main website.

Sorry for the bugs, we did quite a lot of internal changes in previous version 4.88. Many of those were necessary for moving closer toward mobile skins.

What Is New

Now you can distribute multiple widgets both horizontally or vertically, i.e. space them evenly, from the Align command menu:


What is also new, is the ability to indicate selected item in widgets with lists, in other words Dropdown, List, and Tree. To make an item selected, suffix it with ‘#':


To download new version 4.89, go to the main MockupScreens website.

Existing users: just download the trial version and use your existing license key to unlock it.

The full list of improvements and changes is below. Enjoy!


Complete List of Changes and Fixes in 4.89


  • Use # suffix to indicate item selection in Dropdown, List, and Tree widgets.
  • Commands to distribute widgets evenly.



  • Ability to open multiple MockupScreens instances on Mac by double-clicking .mck project files.
  • Image can be exported from an Image widget.
  • Toolbar toggle buttons for controlling panels’ visibility.
  • Field and Text widgets default vertical alignment is top-aligned now.
  • Comments are disabled on Master screens.
  • “Snap to Grid” option added to the View menu.
  • Deleting a screen asks for confirmation.
  • “Group” context action is disabled when only a group is selected.
  • Moved maximum comment dimensions options to the “General” tab.
  • Applying a master should not rename the screen.



  • Fix how special system folder locations are retrieved (some conditions stopped MockupScreens from starting).
  • Centering Dialog and Form captions (Mac OSX and Safari skins).
  • Now able to select Screen using ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) when other widget(s) are already selected.
  • Fixed issues with the CheckBox.
  • Images from external program can be dragged and dropped onto the current screen in MockupScreens.
  • Fixed issues related to widget-alignment commands.
  • Fixed issues related to widgets movement and selection.