MockupScreens 4.86: Comment Formatting, DOCX, Printing in 300 DPI
October 7, 2014

When annotating your screens, you can communicate better by e.g. underlining a requirement or making an important phrase bold.  MockupScreens 4.86 brings comment formatting, so you can do that now.

Notable improvements are also: Exporting to DOCX format, and printing images in 300 dpi.

Comment formatting in MockupScreens 4.86


You can download MockupScreens 4.86 from the main MockupScreens website.

New in MockupScreens 4.86:

  • Export to DOCX format
  • Text formatting in comments.


  • Better image quality (300 dpi) when printing
  • Faster program startup
  • Scrolling in editor is more smooth than before
  • Option to reopen last project on startup or not


  • Irregular tab widget background color with MacOS and Safari skin
  • Saving a snapshot to file didn’t give an overwrite confirmation
  • Image in grouped widgets was sometimes lost when pasting, saving and otherwise serialising the group