Free Material on Mockups, Software Projects and Communication in General
October 29, 2014

While working on my “mockups book” (almost done!), I have created quite a bit of material on mockups and on software projects in general.

Many of these articles are now FREE on the new website that I’ve just launched:

I invite you to discuss the topics, directly on the website, and to share the above link with those interested. Your comments helps others, and a genuine discussion helps everyone.

Here is a preview of topics I have put online so far:

MOCKUPS: Basic Mockup Routine, Choosing the Right Mockup Tool, Provoking the Right Feedback, Common Mockup Pitfalls, Mockups as a Spec

SOFTWARE PROJECTS: Creating Reliable Estimates and Making Them Management-Proof, How to Prepare a Smooth Project Acceptance, Don’t Let Your First Consulting Gig Fall Apart Horribly, Don’t Bury Important Information in Trivia

COMMUNICATION: Don’t Suck at Verbal Self-Defense, Negotiating is Not Haggling, Presentation Tips