MockupScreens Online Help


  • Getting Started

    Start Sketching Mockups in Minutes
    Sketch a Screen
    What Next?
    – Skins Example
    – Annotations in a Slideshow Example
    – Export to PDF Example

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  • Masters

    Create a Master
    Create Empty Screens and Apply a Master
    Add Widgets to Screens
    Make Changes on the Master
    Changes Propagate to All Derived Screens

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  • Exports: Generate a Specification

    Create and Annotate Screens
    Export Project to PDF
    Generated PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions


Common Tasks

  • Editor

    Main screen
    Snap to Grid
    Zoom Function
    Resizing or Hiding Main Screen Panels

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  • Working with Widgets

    Adding Widgets
    Display a Widget as Disabled
    Selecting Multiple Widgets
    Copy-Pasting Widgets
    Grouping / Ungrouping Widgets
    Changing Z-order: Send to Back / Bring to Front
    Distribute Widgets Evenly
    Aligning Widgets to Each Other
    Resizing Widgets to Same Width or Hight
    Fit Widget Size to the Text it Contains
    Checking and Setting Widget Geometry
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  • Skins

    Switching Skins
    Black & White Skin
    Mac and Windows Skins
    Web Skins
    Customizing an Existing Skin
    Creating Your Own Skin
    – Skin Mechanism
    – Basic Structure
    – Skin XML Format
    – BaseWidget
    – Compound 8+1 Image
    – Compound Image Attributes
    – Extra Widget Tags
    – Creating New Skin

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  • Links / Interactivity

    Links Add Limited Interactivity to the Wireframe
    Adding and Removing Links
    Links in Slideshow
    Links in HTML Export

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  • Printing

    Print a Whole Project
    Print a Scenario
    Printing in Landscape for Greater Detail
    Print Options and Settings
    – Print Options Dialog
    – Print Settings

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  • Search / Replace

    Search Text in Multiple Screens
    Search in Both Widgets and Comments
    Replace Text

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  • Working with Images

    Adding Images with Image Widget
    Pasting an Image from Another Program
    Exporting an image from the Image widget

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  • Screen Tree

    Adding New Screen
    Create a New Group / Scenario
    Moving and Copy / Paste
    Copy-Pasting a Screen Together with Its Annotations
    Reordering and Rearranging Screens
    Filtering and Finding Screens
    Copy-Pasting Whole Scenarios

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  • Texts and Labels

    Formatting Texts and Labels
    Free Text Formatting
    Fit to Text
    Generating Dummy “Lorem ipsum” Text

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  • Masters

    Masters are like Templates
    Changes are Automatically Applied to All Child Screens
    Creating and Applying a Master
    Identifying Screens Derived from Masters

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  • Exporting Images

    Copy Screen to Clipboard
    Save Snapshot to File
    Image Export Options
    Available Image Formats
    Export Whole Project as Images

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  • Annotations / Comments

    Using Comments to Annotate Your Mockups
    Entering Comments
    Comments’ numbers
    General Comments
    Formatting Comments
    Reordering Comments
    Comments in Exported Documents
    Turning Comments On or Off

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  • Exports / Generate Documentation

    Export to Word
    Generate PDF
    Generate HTML
    Generate Single-Page HTML
    Document export options
    HTML Export Options

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  • Collaboration

    Interoperability between Mac and Windows
    File Locking
    Exporting and Importing Scenarios
    – Export a Scenario
    – Import a Scenario

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  • Slideshow

    What a Slideshow is Good for
    Starting the Slideshow
    Navigating Screens in a Slideshow
    Slideshow Commands
    Slideshow Options

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  • Editing Multiple Widgets

    Format Multiple Widgets via Top Toolbar
    Edit Multiple Widgets via Property Panel

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  • Keyboard Shortcuts


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  • Form

    Form is Basically a Window
    Adding Quick Menus
    Hiding a Form
    Alternative Title
    Form Widget Options

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  • Lines

    Creating Line Widget
    Choosing Line Color
    Line Widget Options

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  • Dialogs

    Creating Dialog Widget
    Title-Bar On/Off
    Displaying Min/Max Icons in the Title-Bar
    Dialog Widget Options

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  • Frames

    Creating Frame Widget
    Making a Frame Transparent
    Frame Widget Options

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  • Trees / Tree Lists

    Creating Tree Widget
    Adding Branches and Items on a Tree Hierarchy
    Indicating an Item as Selected
    Connector Lines On/Off
    Tree Widget Options

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  • Lists

    Creating List Widget
    Adding List Items
    Indicating an Item as Selected
    List Widget Options

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  • Progress Bar

    Creating Progress Bar Widget
    Setting Progress Indicator
    Marquee (indeterminate) Style On/Off
    Progress Bar Widget Options

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  • Radio Buttons

    Creating Radio Widget
    Adding Multiple Options to Radio Widget
    Specifying Which Option is Displayed as Selected
    Choosing Vertical or Horizontal Layout
    Icons: Left or Right
    Word-Wrap On/Off
    Radio Widget Options

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  • Images

    Creating an Image Widget
    Pasting an Image from Another Program
    Aspect Ratio On/Off
    Image Widget Options

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  • Texts and Labels

    Creating a Text Widget
    Generating Lorem Ipsum / Dummy Text
    Aligning Text Vertically
    Text Widget Options

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  • Checkboxes

    Creating a Checkbox Widget
    Ticking or Unticking the Checkbox
    Changing Label Position
    Checkbox Widget Options

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  • Calendar and Date-Picker

    Creating a Calendar Widget
    Specifying a Date
    Displaying Date-Picker
    Calendar Widget Options

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  • Dropdowns / Combo-Boxes

    Creating a Dropdown Widget
    Displaying Item List
    Indicating Selected Item On a Dropdown List
    Dropdown Widget Options

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  • Tables

    Creating a Table
    Define or Rename Table Columns
    Table Editor
    Edit Table Data
    Add More Columns and Rows
    Resizing Columns
    Add Buttons, Checkboxes, or Dropdowns
    Use Auto-Filling
    Copy-Paste Data from Excel
    Format Column Titles
    Formatting the Data in a Table
    Highlighting Table Rows
    Scrollbars, Gridlines
    Table Widget Options

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  • Text Fields

    Creating a Field widget
    Multiple line text-fields
    Field widget options

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  • Buttons

    Creating a Button Widget
    Multiline Captions
    Icons on Buttons
    Aligning Icon and Label
    Button Widget Options

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  • Composite Widgets

    Labeled Widgets: Create Forms Quickly
    Creating a Labeled Field
    Creating a Labeled Dropdown
    Creating a Labeled List
    Formatting labeled widgets
    Format Just a Label Part
    Format Just a Field / Dropdown / List part

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  • Links

    Creating Links
    Links in Slideshow
    Links in Exports
    Link Widget Options

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  • Tabs

    Creating Tab Widget
    Adding Individual Tabs
    Setting an Active Tab
    Separate Links for Each Tab
    Showing widgets on Other Tabs
    Tab Widget Options

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  • Icons and Badges

    Icons vs Badges
    Creating an Icon
    Icon chooser
    Formatting the icon
    Creating badges
    Color presets for Badges
    Adding 3rd Party Icon Sets
    Icon widget options

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