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Creating Tab Widget *

Find a tab icon on the left toolbar and drag it onto the screen:

Creating tab widget



  • By default, only one actual tab is created.
  • Tabs are drawings, they do NOT actually contain widgets that are positioned “inside” them.

Adding Individual Tabs *

To add more tabs:

  1. Select the Tab widget.
  2. Specify the tabs in the “Tab Captions” box on the property panel:

Adding tabs on tab widget


Setting an Active Tab *

To set which tab is shown as active:

  1. Select the Tab widget.
  2. Specify which tab is active by choosing it from the “Active Tab” dropdown on the property panel:

Setting the active tab


Separate Links for Each Tab *

Each Tab can link to a separate screen.

To choose which tab links to which screen:

  1. Choose a tab from “On Click Tab” on “Advanced” property panel.
  2. Specify a link for that tab via Link on the same (“Advanced”) tab on property panel:

Each tab can have separate links


Showing widgets on Other Tabs *

Tabs are only a drawings, which means:

  • Widgets that you put “inside” the tabs are displayed no matter which tab you set as active.
  • To simulate screen with multiple tabs, you copy the screen and for each set the different active tab, then place the widgets you need on each screen.

Tab Widget Options *

Attributes specific for Tab widget are:

  • Tab Captions (“Basic” tab) – Specify the tabs here, one per line.
  • Active Tab (“Basic” tab) – Choose which tab will be displayed as active. By default, it’s the first tab.

Tab widget basic properties


  • On Click Tab (“Advanced” tab) – Choose for which tab you will be specifying the Link.
  • Link (“Advanced” tab) – Specify the link for the Tab specify in the above field.

Tab widget advanced properties