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Creating a Button Widget *

Find a Button icon on the left toolbar and drag it onto the screen:

Creating button widget


Change the text displayed on the button via “Caption” box on property panel:

Editing button caption


Multiline Captions *

In “Caption” property, you can also enter multiple lines of text. They will be display as multiple lines on the button:

Multiline caption in button


Icons on Buttons *

Buttons can have both an icon and a label. To choose an icon:

  1. Select the button.
  2. Use “Set Icon” option on the property panel:

Buttons with icons


Aligning Icon and Label *

Icon options on the property panel:

  • Icon can be positioned left, right, centred, top, or bottom.
  • You can set icon size to small, regular, or large.
  • You can set the icon’s color.

Button align text and icon


Button Widget Options *

Attributes specific for Button widget are:

  • Caption (“Basic” tab) – Text to be displayed.
  • Set Icon (“Basic” tab) – Icon to display on a button.
  • Icon Position (“Basic” tab) – Default is left. It can be set to left, right, top, bottom, or center.
  • Icon Color (“Basic” tab) – Opens color chooser to set icon’s color.

Button widget basic properties