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Links Add Limited Interactivity to the Wireframe *

Wireframes help to clarify structure and functionality of the system you are building. Interactive mockups make it easier.

MockupScreens provides limited interactivity in two ways:

  • Link widget explicitly provides that functionality: it works in the same way as if it was a link on a web page: clicking on a link (in a slideshow or in a HTML export) displays a screen that is defined as a link’s target:

Drag link widget from the left toolbar onto the canvas


  • Also, any widget (for example, a button) can link to another screen via it’s link property:

Specify link for a button widget


Adding and Removing Links *

To add a link:

  1. Select a widget.
  2. Open “Advanced” tab on property panel and click a chooser button beside the Link property.
  3. Choose a target screen for the link:

Choose link target from the link dialog


Links in Slideshow *

There are two kinds of links that are active in the slideshow:

  • Link widgets.
  • Widgets with their link attribute set.

You can see when a widget has its link attribute set (along with its target screen) by hovering a mouse pointer over it:

In slideshow links are displayed when you hover the mouse over the widget


Links in HTML Export *

Both kinds of links also work in HTML exports; they are exported as actual HTML links.