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November 23, 2014 Common Tasks No Comments

Search Text in Multiple Screens *

When you have many screens and you need to find something quickly, you can search a text through both widgets and comments on all screens.

Invoke Find/Replace panel in one of two ways:

  1. Via “Find” option from the “Edit” menu.
  2. Or by using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac):

Find panel at the bottom of the canvas


Search in Both Widgets and Comments *

In the Find/Replace panel, you can choose whether to search text in widgets, comments, or both:

Search in widgets and comments


Replace Text *

When you change a term you use often, it’s very cumbersome to change it on all your screens.

Instead, you can replace the term from the Find/Replace panel:

Search and replace


  • Replacing text in comments clears the formatting in resulting comments.