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Creating Progress Bar Widget *

Find a Progress Bar icon on the left toolbar and drag it onto the screen:

Creating progress widget


Setting Progress Indicator *

  1. Select the progress bar.
  2. On “Basic” tab of property panel, set the “Progress” slider to the value you need:

Indicator on progress widget


Marquee (indeterminate) Style On/Off *

Select the progress bar, and turn on the “Indeterminate (Marquee)” option on the “Basic” tab of the property panel:

Marquee style progress bar


Progress Bar Widget Options *

Specific attributes of Progress Bar widget are:

  • Caption (“Basic” tab) – Text that will be displayed in the progress bar.
  • Progress (“Basic” tab) – Move the slider to indicate the progress displayed in the bar.
  • Indeterminate / Marquee (“Basic” tab) – Turn on to switch to “Marquee” style.

Progress widget basic properties