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Creating a Calendar Widget *

Find a Calendar icon on the left toolbar and drag it onto the screen:

Creating calendar widget


By default:

  • Today’s date is selected.
  • Date-picked is displayed.

Specifying a Date *

By default, today’s date is selected. Specifying another¬†date does the following:

  • It displays that date in the calendar’s field.
  • Also it selects it on the date-picker.

To do that, use the “Date” field on the “Basic” tab of the property panel:

Calendar widget date-picker


Displaying Date-Picker *

By default, date-picker is displayed. To turn it off (or on again) switch the “Show Date Picker” checkbox on the “Basic” tab of property panel:

Displaying date picker


Calendar Widget Options *

Attributes specific for Calendar widgets are:

  • Date (“Basic” tab) – Date to be displayed and selected on the date-picker. When widget is created it is set to the current date.
  • ¬†Show Date Picker (“Basic” tab) – Whether or not to display a date-picker. By default, it’s turned on.

Calendar widget basic properties