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Creating an Image Widget *

You can create new Image by either:

  • Choosing it from the left toolbar: it will create an “empty” image, initially.
  • Pasting an image from the clipboard: uses an image you have prepared in another application.

To add new empty image, find the Image icon on the left toolbar and drag it onto the screen:

Creating image widget


To choose an image to be displayed, either:

  • Double-click on the Image widget, or
  • Select the image widget, then click “Select Image” button in the property panel.

Selecting an image for image widget


Pasting an Image from Another Program *

To paste an image from another program:

  1. Copy an image to the clipboard (in another program)
  2. Make sure that screen editor (in MockupScreens) has selection: in other words, Form on any other widget on the screen needs to be selected
  3. Use paste command (via keyboard shortcut, main menu or right-click menu)

Aspect Ratio On/Off *

When you resize images, aspect ratio is locked by default.

You can unlock it by unchecking the “Keep Aspect Ratio” on the “Advanced” tab of the property panel:

Image widget aspect ratio


Image Widget Options *

Specific attributes of Image widget are:

  • Caption (“Basic” tab) – Text to be displayed over the image.
  • Select Image (“Basic” tab) – Opens file dialog to select which image to use.

Image widget basic properties

  • Keep Aspect Ratio (“Advanced” tab) – Lock width and height of the image to keep the same ratio.

Image widget advanced properties

  • Set to Original Size (“Geometry” tab) – Set width and height to those of the original image.

Image widget geometry properties