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Online Help *

This online help provides up-to-date information and reference.

To open it directly from MockupScreens:

  • Choose “Online Help” option from the “Help” menu:

Open online help directly from MockupScreens


  • Internet connection is required.

Sending Feedback *

We are constantly improving MockupScreens. To do that, we need your feedback:

  • What’s the most important thing you would like to see in MockupScreens?
  • Was there any bugs, problems, or annoyances?

Let us know by emailing us at:

Request support by email


Or you can fill a (very) short survey, right from the “Help” menu:

Send feedback via Help menu


Contacting Support *

If you run into problems, or you have questions, the fastest way to get in contact is to email our support at:

Request support by email


To solve your problem, it greatly speeds things up if you also send:

  • Steps to reproduce a problem.
  • Log files.
  • Project you were working on (non-disclosure rules apply, of course).

Sending Log Files *

While you work, log files record all internal warning and errors in text files on your computer:

  • They give us context and clues we need to pinpoint the problem.
  • Last ten sessions are recorded.
  • You can send us all the files or just a session you had problems with, by finding the log files and attaching them to your email.

To find the log files, choose “Show Log Folder” option from the “Help” menu:

Sending error logs


Sending Crash Logs *

If the application crashes, something extraordinary has happened and we would really like to know:

  1. Open MockupScreens again.
  2. Crash dialog opens before the application starts, choose “Send logs”:

Send crash logs


Note that it is of great help if you also:

  • Described what you were doing when the crash occurred.
  • Attached your project (all standard non-disclosure rules apply, of course).