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Creating a Text Widget *

1. Find a Text icon and drag it onto the screen:

Creating text widget


2. Enter the text in the text-box on the property panel:

Editing text widget


Text Formatting *

Format the text via the formatting toolbar on Basic property panel:

Text formatting via formatting toolbar in propery panel


Word-wrap *

Word-wrap is turned on by default. To turn it off, uncheck the “Word Wrap” checkbox on the property panel:

Text widget word wrap


Generating Lorem Ipsum / Dummy Text *

To generate dummy “Lorem Ipsum” text:

  1. Select a Text widget.
  2. Choose desired text length (a number of characters) on “Advanced” tab of property panel.
  3. Choose “Generate”.

Lorem ipsum dummy text


Aligning Text Vertically *

Select a Text widget, and choose desired vertical alignment on the “Advanced” tab of property panel.

Text widget align vertically


Text Widget Options *

Specific attributes of Text widget are:

  • Text (“Basic” tab) – Text that will be displayed.
  • Word Wrap (“Basic” tab) – Turn word-wrap on or off.

Text widget basic properties


  • Vertical Alignment (“Advanced” tab) – Vertically align text┬áto top, middle, or bottom. Default is middle.
  • Lorem Ipsum text (“Advanced” tab) – Set desired length (in characters) and generate dummy text, standard “Lorem Ipsum…” paragraphs.

Text widget advanced properties


  • Fit to Text (“Geometry” tab) – Resize the Text widget to fit the displayed text. Useful when widget is larger than the text inside it.

Text widget geometry properties