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Using Comments to Annotate Your Mockups *

You annotate your mockups by entering comments for widgets contained on your mockup . By default, comments are:

  • Displayed in the editor.
  • Displayed in the slideshow.
  • Included in exports (with general comments above the screen, and numbered comments below it).

Example of how comments are displayed in the editor:

Comments describe details of a wireframe


Example of how do comments look in the exported document:

In PDF annotations are displayed below their respective screenshots


Some common uses for comments are:

  • Capturing requirements
  • Documenting issues
  • Steering a discussion
  • Generating a specification

Entering Comments *

To enter a comment:

  1. Select a widget.
  2. Enter text of a comment into “Comment” panel below the editor, to the right of the property panel:

Comments panel below the canvas


Comments’ numbers *

Comments are numbered by default:

  • When you add a comment, it’s automatically assigned a number that is unique for that screen.
  • Comment’s number doesn’t change (unless you alter it manually). Thus, when you reference comment #12, it uniquely identifies a comment, so even in a future (e.g., several updates later) everyone knows which comment you are talking about.

Comments are referenced by number


General Comments *

Often, you need to describe more general requirements, not related to a particular widget. To do that, use general “unnumbered” comments:

  • In exported documents, they are shown above the screenshot.
  • This way, you get a simple specification format: first, the title, then general requirements (provided by you via general comments), then the actual screenshot, and then the list of particular issues and requirements.

Formatting Comments *

To format text inside a comment:

  1. In Comment text-box select the text you want to format.
  2. Apply the appropriate command from the Comment Formatting toolbar:

Annotations can be formatted


Available formatting commands are:

  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Font color
  • Increase / decrease font size
  • Alignment: left, centered, right

Reordering Comments *

To reorder comments, you need to alter comment numbers:

  1. When you click on a comment, it’s widget becomes selected.
  2. In Comments panel (bottom-right), change a comment number:

Comments can be renumbered



  • If you change a comment’s number to one that’s already used, those two comments will simply switch their numbers.

Comments in Exported Documents *

The default way to display comments in exports (e.g., to Word or PDF) is below the screenshot:

  • You can change it in Tools/Options (Preferences on Mac):

Comments options


Turning Comments On or Off *

Both Editor and Slideshow have “Toggle comments” buttons to turn comments on or off:

  • Editor toggle comments:

Toggle comments in editor


  • Slideshow toggle comments:

Toggle comments in slideshow


You can also choose how comments are displayed in exported images or exported documents:

  • To do that use the “Display comments” checkbox on appropriate tab (Slideshow, Editor, Print/PDF, HTML, Images) in Tools/Options (on Mac, it’s Preferences):

Comment options


Changing the Size of Comment Callouts *

When comments are displayed as callouts, displayed text is truncated to fit within the callout.

You can change the size for all the callouts on General tab in Tools / Settings (Preferences on Mac):

Setting dimension of comment callouts