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All operations with screens and scenarios are done on the Screen Tree panel on the right:

Screen tree panel

Adding New Screen *

Opening a new project will add a new empty screen automatically.

Otherwise, you can add new screens by “New Screen” button above the Screen Tree:

Adding new screen

Create a New Group / Scenario *

When you have many screens, it’s much easier to manage them when you arrange them in groups:

  • Groups are treated as scenarios by default. However, a group can hold any number of screens you choose to group together.
  • To create a new group, right-click on a Screen Tree and choose the Add Group option:

Adding new scenario

Moving and Copy / Paste *

To put existing screens into a group:

  • Drag the screen into a group; the indicator will display in green to show you the target of your action:

Reordering screens on the screen tree

  • The other way to move a screen into a group is to cut and paste it, via the right-click menu.
  • To copy-paste a screen, use copy-paste commands from Screen Tree panel’s right-click menu. Note that screen’s annotations will not be copied by default.

Copy-Pasting a Screen Together with Its Annotations *

By default, copying a screen does not copy its annotations.

To copy screen together with the annotations, use the “Paste With Comments” option on Screen Tree panel’s right-click menu:

Pasting a screen together with comments

Reordering and Rearranging Screens *

You can rearrange screens by dragging & dropping them in the Scree Tree panel.

  • Indicator will display in green to show the resulting position of drag & drop within the screen hierarchy:

Drag and dropping screens on a screen tree

Filtering and Finding Screens *

In a project with many screens, you can easily find them by using a live search filter:

  • Type couple of letters in the filter, and only the screens with matching captions / alternate names will be displayed:

Filter screens

Copy-Pasting Whole Scenarios *

To copy-paste a scenario:

  1. Right-click on a scenario and choose “Copy”.
  2. Right-click on a Screen Tree where you want to insert the copied scenario and choose “Paste”.