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November 22, 2014 FAQ No Comments

Checking for Updates *

You can check for updates, change log, and other news here:

Upgrading to newer version *

  1. Download the latest MockupScreens trial version:
  2. Start the installation procedure – upon your confirmation, it will uninstall the older version and proceed with installation.
  3. Re-register new installation with your license key.


  • Only MockupScreens installation folder will be effected, along with MockupScreens configuration settings.
  • This means that your projects won’t be effected in any way, unless you have put them within the installation folder (which you shouldn’t do).

Transferring License to a Different Computer *

When you need to transfer your MockupScreens license to another computer, you need to:

First, on the new computer:

1. Download the trial version of MockupScreens and install it.

2. Register it with your license key (the same license key as on the old computer).

3. Confirm that everything works to your satisfaction.

Then, on the old computer:

4. Uninstall MockupScreens and you are done.

Using MockupScreens on Both Home and Office Computer *

Each licensed user is entitled to use MockupScreens on two computers. For example, on an office computer plus on a laptop or a home computer.