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Interoperability between Mac and Windows *

Project files can be edited on both Mac and Windows without any difference:

  • This means that, for example, you can begin working on Windows, then send a project file to a colleague who will continue working on Mac and return it back to Windows.
  • Because each licensed user can use MockupScreens on two computers, it also means there’s no difference between whether these two computers are Windows or Mac or both.

File Locking *

If you open a project that another person is currently working on:

1. Dialog will warn you and provide the other computer’s name:

Read only mode


2. Project will open in read-only mode, and indicate it in the title-bar:

Read only indicator in title bar


Exporting and Importing Scenarios *

When several people are working on the same project, they can work on different scenarios then export them to be imported by their colleagues.

Export a Scenario *

To export currently active scenario, choose Export / Export Selected Scenario from the “File” menu:

Export selected scenario


Import a Scenario *

To import a scenario into the currently opened project:

1. Choose Import / Import Scenario option from the “File” menu:

Import scenario


2. Choose where to import the scenario:

Import scenario options